Monday 3 November 2014

Carnaval, nuestra fiesta más conocida

Saludos de nuevo,

nos han gustado mucho vuestras presentaciones!

Some answers to your questions:
- the best year's week to have fun in Solsona is during Carnival. We have 7 days plenty of activities. But we have other important celebrations , like the Annual Town Celebration (Festa Major).
- we like very much Txarango and Lax'n'busto, but the most famous singer in Catalan should be Shakira ;) If we assume that getting married with Gerard Piqué mades her a little bit Calatan too. She has a song in Catalan in her last album.
- our typical dish is bread with tomato (pan con tomate) and sausage (butifarra), and rice (paella) too.
- we're fans from Barça (FC Barcelona). We specialy like an Argentinian player, we're sure you know his name ;)

We have some questions for both groups too.
For the group from Traralgon:
- How long have you been celebrating the Spring Racing Carnival? Here in Solsona we have a race in Carnival too, but it's a lot different. We'll explain you later.
- Which language speak the indigenous stundets?
- What's the most typical dish in your town?

For the group of Puerto Madryn:
- What's the most typical dish in your town?
- Are there any penguins close to your town?
- Which is your favourite football  player?
- Have you ever seen the whales very close?

We've choosed Carnival for the geo-project because is our more famous celebration. We have got a lot of giants at the Carnival, all of them made in Solsona. Their names are: boig (crazy), mocós (brats), xut (owl), draca (dragon), and many more.

 We wish to hear from you soon!

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